Dallas Buyers Club

In this premiere episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses the economics of Academy Award winner Dallas Buyers Club. Subjects include public health and safety regulations, crony capitalism and the role of regulatory capture, the emergence of black and grey markets, and commercial exchange as a means for increased social tolerance.

The Shawshank Redemption

In this episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses the beloved 1994 prison drama, The Shawshank Redemption. Subjects include supply and demand, the emergence of markets, and currency.


Andrew discusses the 2013 dystopian thriller, Elysium. Subjects include income inequality, innovation, and jobs.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Andrew discusses John Huston's classic 1948 adventure film, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Subjects include subjective value, Karl Marx's Labor Theory of Value, and opportunity cost.


In this episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses Ivan Reitman's classic paranormal comedy Ghostbusters. Subjects include entrepreneurship, subjective value, regulatory interference, and ectoplasm!

[TV] House of Cards

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“House of Cards” is a wicked one-hour political drama series from Media Rights Capital that slithers behind the curtain of power, sex, ambition, love, greed and corruption in modern Washington D.C. An uncompromising exploration of power, ambition and the American way, the series orbits Francis Underwood (Spacey), the House Majority Whip. Underwood is the politician’s politician – masterful, beguiling, charismatic and ruthless. He and his equally ambitious wife Claire (Wright) stop at nothing to ensure their ascendancy.

The LEGO Movie

Andrew discusses the animated hit comedy The LEGO Movie. Subjects include emergent order, creative destruction, and central planning.


In this episode Andrew Heaton discusses Pixar Animation Studio’s 2008 science fiction rom-com, WALL-E. Subjects include scarcity, private property, and the Tragedy of the Commons!

The Hudsucker Proxy

In this episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses the Coen Brother's 1994 screwball comedy, The Hudsucker Proxy. Subjects include supply and demand, and the minimum wage.

[Movie] Back to School

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Rodney Dangerfield plays self-made millionaire Thornton Mellon, owner of a chain of tall and fat clothing stores, who, after divorcing his philandering wife, enrolls in college to keep his son from dropping out. Rodney’s invasion quickly turns the campus into a non-stop party zone, and he even helps the diving team win their big meet.

House of Cards

In this episode of EconPop, Andrew discusses the Emmy award-winning Netflix original series House of Cards. Subjects include public choice theory, rent seeking, regulatory capture, and the incentives that drive political corruption.


Andrew discusses Paul Verhoeven's 1987 action classic, RoboCop. Subjects include innovation, public goods, and corporate skullduggery.

Back To School

Andrew discusses the 1986 “slob comedy” classic, Back To School. Subjects include human capital and the "value" of education.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Andrew discusses Frank Capra's beloved 1946 fantasy drama, It's a Wonderful Life. Subjects include loans and credit, banking, and FDIC insurance.

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